Water softeners

Say goodbye to the hassles of hard water.

Get more out of your water-using appliances

Culligan water Softeners protect against the most common water problem in North America – hard water. These efficient, industry-leading systems eliminate concerns such as scratchy laundry, dull hair, dry skin, spotted glassware, scale buildup and high utility bills.

How a water softener works

Water softening utilizes a process called “ion exchange” to remove dissolved minerals such as calcium and magnesium.
These minerals can’t be trapped by a filter, so a molecular reaction is required. Water softeners have resin beads that hold onto sodium, and as hard water flows through the resin, the sodium is swapped for the hard water minerals. The hard water minerals are trapped inside the softener so they never reach your skin, hair or plumbing fixtures.

A Culligan Softener gives you

Brighter Laundry
Sparkling, spot-free dishes
Softer hair and more hydrated skin
Easier cleaning
and longer-lasting appliances

Popular Culligan water Softeners

Aquasential™ Select Series™ Water Softener
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Aquasential™ Smart High-Efficiency (HE) Water Softener
starting at $52.95/month