Leading Water Treatment Solutions in Wabasha County, MN

Experience unmatched water treatment solutions with Culligan of Red Wing, your top water experts and leading water treatment company in Wabasha County, MN. Our mission is straightforward: to provide every home and business with the highest quality water available. As a trusted name in water treatment, we combine local expertise with world-class technology to address the unique water challenges of Wabasha County, enhancing the health and happiness of our community.

Collaborate With Local Experts—Culligan of Red Wing

Choosing Culligan of Red Wing means partnering with a team that shares your passion for water purity. Our certified water specialists have an intimate understanding of Wabasha County’s water conditions, enabling us to customize solutions to fit your specific needs. More than just service providers, we are your neighbors, committed to improving your life through superior water treatment services. 

Not all water treatment companies are the same. At Culligan of Red Wing we believe in constant improvement and leading the way. That is why your Culligan of Red Wing technicians are licensed in Minnesota and Wisconsin, undergoing constant continuing education to stay in front of today’s ever-changing water contamination problems. We also have a master plumber on staff to make sure that all of your water treatment needs are met and your home’s plumbing is safe and efficient for years to come. 

Proudly Serving Wabasha County and Surrounding Regions

Our dedication to excellence as your trusted water treatment company in Wabasha County, MN, knows no bounds. Although Red Wing is our home base, our services extend to the wider region, ensuring that clean, safe water is accessible to all. Whether you’re in an urban or rural setting, from the city of Wabasha to Kellogg and beyond, Culligan of Red Wing is your reliable partner for all water-related needs.

Top-Tier Water Treatment Products

Recognizing the critical role of clean, safe water in maintaining health and enhancing daily life, we offer a range of superior water treatment products tailored to the unique needs of our community. From innovative water softeners that combat the harmful effects of hard water to our advanced Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Systems, our products are at the cutting edge of technology. They are designed for efficiency, environmental sustainability, and user-friendliness. Embrace a new standard of water quality with Culligan’s groundbreaking solutions and transform how you think about water in your home or business.

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Water Softeners

Step into a world free from the problems caused by hard water. Our advanced water softeners eliminate harsh minerals, protecting your appliances, benefiting your skin, and rejuvenating your clothing. Culligans HE water softener is the World’s Most efficient water softener.

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Whole Home Water Filters

Enjoy peace of mind with our comprehensive whole-home water filters, designed to remove contaminants and deliver pure, refreshing water from every tap in your home.

RO Drinking Water Systems

Enhance your drinking water quality with our sophisticated Reverse Osmosis (RO) Systems. These compact units fit neatly under your sink and provide pristine water effortlessly. Culligan’s Aquasential Smart RO is the world’s most efficient RO system, allowing you to enjoy pure, clean, refreshing water with the least amount of wastewater possible.

Bottleless Coolers

Upgrade your water consumption with our sleek bottleless coolers, offering hot and cold water on demand directly connected to your water line for ultimate convenience. Whether it’s for your home or business, Culligan’s bottleless coolers provide a virtually unlimited supply of hot, cold, or room-temperature water for your needs. Customers who switch from bottled water to bottleless water coolers save hundreds of dollars annually while eliminating the need to store heavy water bottles and manage delivery schedules.

Bottled Water and Coolers

For those who prefer traditional options, we offer a variety of bottled water and coolers, ensuring you have access to high-quality water in your preferred format, delivered straight to your door.

Holistic Water Treatment Services

At Culligan of Red Wing, we know that providing exceptional water treatment products is just the beginning. Our commitment to improving water quality in Wabasha County encompasses a wide range of comprehensive services. From detailed water testing to regular maintenance and expert installation of our systems, we address every potential water concern. Our team of certified water specialists is dedicated to delivering not just solutions but peace of mind. Trust Culligan to manage all your water treatment needs, ensuring your water isn’t just clean—it’s Culligan clean.

Comprehensive Water Testing Services

Remove the uncertainty about your water quality with our professional water testing services, including specialized testing for private wells, to ensure your water is safe and pure. Testing ranges from free, in-home tests that can be done in a matter of minutes to comprehensive lab grade analysis for emerging contaminants such as PFOs and PFAs. No matter your concern, Culligan of Red Wing has the resources to identify and treat any possible contaminants you may encounter. 

Convenient Water and Salt Delivery

Enjoy the convenience of scheduled water and salt deliveries tailored to your usage needs so you’re never without essential supplies. Gone are the days of lugging 40-pound bags of salt from the store into your basement and dumping them into your water softener, hoping that the system is operating efficiently. Culligan delivery personnel are trained to identify inefficient or improperly functioning systems and alert you to the need for service. Culligan of Red Wing’s trusted delivery team will deliver the salt to your home and check your system for proper operation. If a problem or inefficiency is identified, they will take the initiative to notify the service team so that you can get your system repaired and get back to peak efficiency as soon as possible. 

Expert Water Softener Services

Extend the lifespan and efficiency of your water softener with our expert maintenance and repair services. Need a new system? Rely on our seamless installation process. With thousands of satisfied customers across South Eastern Minnesota and Western Wisconsin, we are here for all your water treatment needs.

Professional Water Heater Services

Keep your water heater performing optimally with our maintenance and repair solutions, or upgrade to a new, energy-efficient model installed by our skilled team.

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By choosing Culligan of Red Wing, you’re partnering with a team dedicated to delivering the best water treatment services in Wabasha County. Don’t let water issues affect your comfort or health. Contact us today and take the first step towards a healthier, happier home with water that exceeds your expectations. With our team as your trusted water treatment company in Wabasha County, MN, you’re making the right choice.

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